Spinach, Blueberry, Banana Fling Smoothie

In this Spinach, Blueberry, Banana Fling Smoothie, you have all the goodness of the iron in spinach, the antioxidants in blueberries, and the potassium in bananas. Your body will thank you.


I love smoothies in the morning. They satisfy my want and taste for something in my tummy when I don’t really feel like eating until a little later. And I know I’m getting something really good for my body at the same time––both fruits and veggies in one fell swoop. Not to mention delicious. 


Not only that, but they are so easy for when I need to leave the house and know I am going to need and want something on my journey. I usually make two (that’s 2 cups of water plus the other ingredients). I put one in a Mason Jar in the refrigerator and it’s there for me to take when I am on the run. Fills me enough so that I am not reaching for something unhealthy because I am hungry. So! A good plan in that regard.



Spinach, Blueberry, Banana Fling Smoothie
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  1. Carol Fitzgerald
  1. A good handful of Spinach
  2. 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  3. 1 fresh or frozen banana
  4. 1 cup cold water
  1. Place all ingredients in blender and blend for 30 – 45 seconds.
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Carol Fitzgerald
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