Pecan Muffins (With Lots of Fruit)

<h4 class="red me-steps">Step 1</h4> <p class="instructions">Sprinkle sugar over strawberries, to release the juices, and refrigerate.</p> <h4 class="red me-steps">Step 2</h4> <p class="instructions">Combine all dry ingredients. Add the applesauce and egg replacers and the strawberries and mashed banana, along with the nuts. Give it a quick mix with a large spoon. Add the blueberries last and fold gently into the mixture, so they don’t get crushed.</p>

Banana Orange Muffins

<strong>Banana Orange Muffins </strong>wasn't at all what I intended to make today. I was going to make my <a href="">Pecan Muffins (with lots of fruit)</a> but I didn't have most of the ingredients. Now, I never run out of cinnamon as I always try to have backups of everything. You know, put the item on the grocery list before you actually run out. But here I was even out of cinnamon. About that time, my husband walked into the kitchen and said, "What are you doing?"  I said, "I don't really know!"