Vegan Sloppy Joe Recipe

My old, non-vegan Sloppy Joe Recipe was easy to make – as classic and American and kid-friendly as Apple Pie. When I wanted to make a simple meal for a crowd (and my own five children were a crowd at my house), add a few more people and now I really had a crowd, this was one of those meals I could make in a hurry, without much fuss and even get rave reviews to boot.   As you may recall, Bill is not vegan. There isn't much in the way of...

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Creamy No Dairy Broccoli Soup

This soup sort of happened by accident. When I was making a Broccoli Orange Salad one day, I only wanted to use the florets. I cut up all the stems on the fresh broccoli bunch and put them in a baggie in the refrigerator. A few days later, I made the Broccoli Orange Salad again and here I was left with all these stalk pieces. What to do with them? Well, I could cut them up very fine and put them in with the salad, which is exactly what I did...

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Creamy No Dairy Tomato Soup

Fresh tomato soup, thick and creamy with NO cream, Ecuador style. So, on one of our trips to Ecuador and in a lovely inn, I asked if they had anything vegan they could prepare for me. Of course, it was going to be no problem. When this wonderful version of tomato soup touched my taste buds, I couldn't believe it didn't have cream in it. It was just too good. I ordered it every night with a salad. But one day I just had to find out. So I ventured into the...

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Carrot-Butternut Squash Soup

Step 1

Saute butternut squash, onions and carrots in a bit of olive oil in a large pot.

Step 2

Add vegetable broth, spices and salt and pepper. Simmer until cooked.

Step 3

Remove from heat and process in blender until well blended, about a minute or two. Return to pot.


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Vegan Black Bean Soup

After one of my Cuban friends had my Vegan Black Bean Soup, she told me it was very delicious. She loved it and said it was pretty authentic. My not being Cuban and all, and my not even having made this soup before...

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