Hearty Vegan Split Pea Soup

Step 1

Fill a Dutch Oven or heavy pot with 8 cups of water. Pour in 2 cups of dried split peas. Turn the heat to high and let come to a boil. Once it starts to boil, turn down to simmer and skim the top of all white foam. Turn to simmer at this point.


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Vegan White Bean Soup

Along with Split Pea Soup, White Bean Soup is one of the standard recipes I make when I have company for dinner. Just because we live in Florida doesn't mean we forego the goodness of soups. Besides, sometimes when the weather is hot, a light meal sits better than something heavy anyway, and a great soup and salad fills that bill. Sometimes I make cold soups, such as this wonderful Cucumber Soup, but most times I just serve hot soups, no matter....

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Fresh, Colorful Gazpacho Salad

Gazpacho Salad generally here in the US is just that, a salad, not a soup which seems to be the tradition in Spain. It is fresh and colorful. It’s one of those great, make-ahead salads. There are many different versions of this classic standby. The traditional gazpacho salad seems to have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and garlic. Yet, there are some versions with bread and no tomatoes and others with almonds and no bread. However you decide to make your salad, cold, fresh ingredients should make your dish a hit....

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