Middle Eastern Tabouli Salad

This wonderfully delicious Middle Eastern Tabouli Salad along with a lettuce salad and cooked green beans, broccoli, asparagus or brussel sprouts makes a simple, filling, nutrient-dense, plant-based meal.   The texture and secret of this dish is in the finely chopped vegetables. Leave your veggies too coarse and you won't get the same effect. So maintain patience while you chop and give them a small dice.   I always like to choose my own tomatoes in the store. If by chance I have tomatoes on the list and my husband or daughter shop for...

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Whole Grain Oatmeal Breakfast

For this dish you can use either Whole Oat Groats or Steel Cut Oats. Either way, you are getting the whole grain and both are delicious. The only difference is the whole groat is steel cut into thirds. Now, because there is a longer cook time, you can make a big batch of these the night before and refrigerate. Come morning, all you have to do is heat and eat. Also, you will have enough for several servings....

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Whole Grain Pancakes

Step 1

Mix all ingredients together and drop by 1/4 cupful onto hot griddle.

Step 2

Serve with canned peaches in their own juice, applesauce or the traditional maple syrup.


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